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Spanish Dual Language Program

Roosevelt is proud to be the high school pathway for the Spanish Dual Language Program at MPS. The Roosevelt Spanish Dual Language Program offers high-quality bilingual programming that prepares students for a lifetime of multilingual opportunities and experiences in college, career, and beyond.  Effective 2022, all Andersen United Dual Language students will be automatically enrolled in the RHS Dual Language program

In the RHS Spanish Dual Language Program, students take advanced Spanish coursework in Science, Social Studies, and Language Arts, and participate in activities outside of the classroom such as community service and Spanish Debate. All programs at RHS are open to Dual Language students and offer an opportunity for them to apply their multilingual skills in different areas of study or interest.

Through participation in the program, students have the opportunity to achieve the RHS Dual Language Certificate of Achievement, IB Bilingual Diploma and the Minnesota Bilingual Seal.

Visit RHS Spanish Dual Language Website for more info